... Enjoy your GIROS (Turns). Those that take you down imaginary paths, that wrap us up in new adventures, that propose new challenges, that make you grow... 

Those GIROS (turns) are what sent me out to travel the world always looking to learn more and to take into my life that which makes me feel good.

As a tango dancer and milonguera, one of these GIROS led me to venture into the design and manufacture of my own dance clothes, which I knew should combine elegance and functionality... After many years, I decided that I wanted to bring to all the milongueras dancers around the world the possibility of being comfortable and well dressed in the milonga.

Today, my challenge is you. My garments are designed and created by and for those women who live closely the tango dance and its culture.

I learn from you and I have the desire to share it. Will you accompany me? I invite you to join my GIROS!



María Belén



dress maker